Giving Back

At Prominent Homes Charitable Organization, we encourage opportunities to enhance the communities in which we build in for our residents as well as ensuring there is a positive impact for the Prominent Homes family. We focus on increasing the quality of life and providing opportunities for those less fortunate. Prominent Homes Charitable Organization thrives on three core pillars:


A strategic approach is taken to ensure we are making a positive impact while working with chosen groups to understand and meet their needs while supporting the volunteer efforts and donations of Prominent Homes’ employees.

Each year Prominent Homes contributes a minimum of 10% of its pre-tax profits to the communities where they work, live and which are close to their hearts. All of which is managed through Prominent Homes Charitable Organization Ltd.

Kirpal Dhindsa Memorial Scholarship

The scholarships began in 2008 when Prominent Homes Charitable Organization awarded 5 Calgary high schools with a $1000 scholarship. In 2009, that number increased to 10 high schools for $1000 each. Since 2010 we have been able to award all 45 Calgary and area high schools a $2000 scholarship each. The Kirpal Kaur Dhindsa Memorial Scholarship is a scholarship based on criteria other than scholastic marks, therefore, making it available to a wide range of students. To find out how you can apply for the scholarship, email

Maata Kartar Kaur Prenatal Clinic

Located in Deep Shergill’s hometown of Rajasthan, India, this prenatal clinic welcomes women and children, offering quality medical attention. The clinic operates with a full-time nurse and on‐site manager, doctor’s presence one day per week. Also, there is a patient taxi service to and from the clinic and a nutritious meal for the patients. Over the years, Prominent Homes’ has been able to provide services and assistance for the birth of over 200 children. With the help of our trade and supply partners, this number will continue to increase and help families for years to come.

Visit the Prominent Homes Charitable Organization (PHCO) website to learn more about the Prenatal Clinic, other announcements, and programs. We hope to inspire you to give back in some way, so please share this blog with others and consider donating today.